About Suzie

Suzie is an experienced American Actress who has appeared in films, television, commercials, theatre, radio, and print publications. She has also worked in Casting, Production & Set Design.

While currently working as an Acting & Dialect Coach, she is still an international actor.  Her latest feature film appearance was in “Mao’s Last Dancer”, directed by Bruce Beresford.  She has also appeared in “Blue Water High”, “The Alice”, “Always Greener”, several commercials and voice overs, including “Moby Games” and “Barney the Purple Dinosaur”.

Suzie is the Director of Actors Creative International, a US based Company which operates in Australia as well.  Suzie is the principal leader of all classes and is at times assisted by other actors within the industry.  Guest Personalities to join in the Q & A part of each class.

Having acted in Hollywood for many years, being sponsored by Columbia Pictures, Suzie has had the opportunity to study with Charles Conrad,  Stella Adler, Vincent Chase, privately with Veteran Actors, and the unique “The Second City” in Chicago (Comedy Improvisation), who trained the likes of Chevy Chase, Jim Bulushi, Madeline Kahn, Chris Rock, Julia Louise Dryfus, and other ”Saturday Night Live” actors and comedians and Margie Haber who has trained actors like Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Heather Locklear and…..Suzie and Derek Steen.