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more Audition Secrets…….

P R E P – R O A R – F I N (These 3 words will WOW your audition technique!) Auditioning?   Love it or Hate it…it’s necessary to Audition to get a job!  The more you audition, the better you get at it (hopefully) and the less nervous you get. Three things from the book “Audition – read more

Agents & Auditions

Hi guys!  Being an American and now from both Continents, I  know how difficult it is to find a Good agent who will take you and is right for you, here – read more

Golden Globe Awards 2009

American Flag of the United States by Jonathon Colman on Flickr

I will be going to the USA December/January.  It’s Pilot Season in Los Angeles and will meet up with my contacts over there to introduce some of my actors.  More info for the USA – Nominations for Golden Globe Awards. It is always said that the Golden Globes are a good indication of who will – read more

Networking tools

NAFA hosted Nick Bolton last night as a Guest Speaker at the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills. He talked about the new business models currently in vogue and illustrate them with case studies.  I hope I am correct in saying that the discussion was about using the internet, i.e. MySpace, Twitter, – read more

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Hollywood Bound Acting Seminar

I am going to a Seminar on Monday hosted by Global PREP from Los Angeles as they are now in Sydney.  They are discussing how to move to the United States as an actor.   I have met the presenters/directors of this company and they honest and have passion and integrity in an industry that can be – read more