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Agents & Auditions

Hi guys!  Being an American and now from both Continents, I  know how difficult it is to find a Good agent who will take you and is right for you, here – read more

Mao’s Last Dancer in cinemas TODAY!


Hey!  ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ OPENS today, October 1st, 2009.  I’ve seen it and it has been screening in various places (Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF) and audiences in Australia to rave reviews. If you read the reviews, you will not want to miss this film. I think this is – read more

“Beautiful Kate” Industry Screening

Rachel Ward, Suzie Steen, Bryan Brown

Beautiful Suzie, Beautiful Derek, Beautiful Rachel went to the screening of ‘Beautiful Kate’, Rachel Ward’s first feature film as Director.  She basically took the story from an American book and set it in outback Australia.  It is so beautiful (did I say that yet?)  See it!  It is a rather – read more