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“When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, ‘It’s in the script’. If he says, ‘But what’s my motivation?’ I say, ‘your salary’. ”         –Alfred Hitchcock Actors seem to need to know the right questions to ask and are required to do a lot of their own character – read more

“Performing for the Camera”?

When I say to some of my newer actors in class “stop acting”, they often respond that they are, indeed, in an acting class — so? “If you catch somebody ‘acting’ in a movie, that actor is doing it wrong.  The moment he’s caught ‘performing’  for the camera, the actor has blown his cover.  – read more


Yup, the “intellectual actor”, you can get too far into your head and your thoughts.  It kinda works better if you lose that intellect and just feel the feelings.  Hence, jump in Fully..without monitoring, editing, or checking.  You will be stunned at your inner self coming to the character.  A – read more

An Actor Prepares…

PREPARATION:  Why do I always seem to comment on this? Because:  Preparation allows for SPONTANEITY – freedom of EXPRESSION, CREATIVITY, VULNERABILITY and ACCESSIBILITY! If you are prepared, know your lines, are aware of your character and the situation, you will then be FREE to be DIRECTED – read more


SAY NO TO BULLYING  DAY – Friday, 16th March in AUSTRALIA To honor this, we have been asked to wear something Orange. I have really opened my eyes to the horrible harm caused by bullying.  I have volunteered and ‘worked’ with underprivileged and abused kids most of my life.  All the – read more

Hello OSCAR!

Here’s the list for the films eligible to be nominated.  If you are a SAG member – REMEMBER the beauty and honesty of Mao’s Last Dancer! Best Original Screenplay Lisa Cholodenko, Stuart Blumberg -The Kids Are All Right David Seidler – The King’s Speech Christopher Nolan – – read more

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