more Audition Secrets…….

P R E P – R O A R – F I N (These 3 words will WOW your audition technique!)

Auditioning?   Love it or Hate it…it’s necessary to Audition to get a job!  The more you audition,
the better you get at it (hopefully) and the less nervous you get.

Three things from the book “Audition Secrets…” are right here and seem simple:

PREP – Preparation
ROAR – Own the Room
FIN – It’s over, don’t beat yourself up or think it’s “in the bag”.

These tools are explained in more detail in the book, which can be found at

You MUST prepare.  Casting Agents and Clients name this as their No.1 annoyance – when an
actor has come unprepared.

When you go into the audition room, these are the 2-5 minutes of acting you may do all week, so
make the most of it!

When it’s all over, it’s over.  At least enjoy the fact that you got SEEN and hope for the best.   Just
because you don’t get the job, doesn’t mean YOU were bad. You know, it’s the old – ‘they wanted
a different color of hair in the end’.  Give yourself a break.

Please remember that those people casting you are “not out to get you”. Actually, they are out to make you
look as good as possible – so help them out!  They have clients to please too.

So, as I always say, get out there and HAVE FUN and BE PREPARED.

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