To honor this, we have been asked to wear something Orange.

I have really opened my eyes to the horrible harm caused by bullying.  I have volunteered and ‘worked’ with underprivileged and abused kids most of my life.  All the time I was thinking how lucky I was not to have been bullied nor had any of my friends.  Also realizing that most of the time these kids (and teens/adults) believe this to be ‘normal’ as they have never experienced anything different.

WELL!  After over 50 years on this earth, a friend of mine realized she had, indeed, herself  been bullied and is still being bullied.  It HURTS!  It hurts really badly.  It’s frustrating and when a person feels there is no way out, it just adds to the pain.

As bullying comes in many different ways, you may not think her experience is as bad as others.  It may not be, but when you are on the receiving end, it’s pretty much paramount.

Rebecca’s story, which she has just been able to put into chapters in her life now goes like this…..

Her brothers made fun of her, called her names, got her in trouble with her parents, punched her, tortured her cats and humiliated her when she was young.  She had lots of very good friends (one of which was me), a loving mother and father; so she thought, “this is just what boys do”.  She left home when she graduated from High School at 17.

Now more than 40 years later, she is still being bullied as she let her brothers back into her life hoping love would be there.  She is still tormented as  they are keeping her from seeing her father who is in a nursing home slowing succumbing to the disease of dementia.

She wants him to remember her as long as he can – but how can he when she is not allowed to see him?  She was hit, punched and tossed around by one of her brothers just recently.  That’s what she gets for leaving home?  Her brothers might say this, but NO!  These men are the same boys who bullied her when she was young.  Does it hurt?  Yes.  Will she survive and overcome?  Yes!  She has me and her loving friends who now know what she went through and is going through now.

I hope all of you who have been bullied or who are being bullied in ANY WAY can share your pain and overcome.  I will be wearing ORANGE on Friday.  I hope you do too.


  1. Hi Suzie
    I recently purchased your little book ‘Audition secrets’ for my 11 year old daughter Zoe Sarine, who is hell bent on becoming an actress any way I thought I’d check you out on Google.
    I noticed your blog on Bullying…. I recently made a short film about Bullying I’d thought you might like to see so I sent you a link .
    ( I am also in the process of setting up a website called
    My goal is to get this movie with a promo pack distributed to schools to generate awareness and discussions.
    Kirsten Castorina

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